Raised in Hell: A Non-fiction Family Dramedy. You have no Control of the Environment into which you are Born, but you can Control how that Environment will Affect You.

       Deon D. Price     AUTHOR

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Publisher's Summary

A nonfiction family dramedy about overcoming obstacles, family bond, and survival. A true story of a family’s struggle to endure in a challenging time and an even tougher environment. Delivered from the perspective of the youngest child of nine with humor, hardship, and professional precision. 


"Deon D. Price has provided a trusted and respected perspective for youth. A great storyteller, he has mastered the ability to deliver a critical and current message to today’s youth culture." (Larry J. Moody, East Palo Alto, CA City Council member)

"A great read! This book should be a blueprint for anyone committed to serving youth and families. I’m impressed with Deon’s innovative approach and creative thinking for impacting young people." (Wil Cason, motivational speaker)